~Custom-Tailored for Your Event or Occasion~

Four Holy Cities

A card showing the four holy cities: Jerusalem, Hevron, Tiverias, and Tsfat beneath one of Gd’s 72 names. The snow while falling mostly on rare occasion in most of Israel–and cause for celebration and photos!– as well as a great blessing in much needed precipitation. The plants below are a contrast of the common site of cacti and the special Israeli fruit: passiflora or passionfruit which is the name often used to refer to native Israelis: sabra.


Thanks for visiting and perusing the designs. Should you have any questions, inquiries, feedback, or you are seeking an estimate for a custom ketbuah, custom cards, or custom logo, or design please contact Michael at the email below.

Michael Weinberg is an educator and artist originally from Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY and Jerusalem and currently living and thriving in Be’erSheva his designs typically include Jewish themes, symbols, concepts, and imagery. Michael is available for an initial free consult to discuss your vision and help make your event, keepsake, or business more colorful, personal, and special.

Michael is available at your convenience to custom design your cards, ketubah, event, or theme. Please contact Michael with questions, inquiries, feedback, or at: talent.ny@gmail.com

Looking forward to your ideas and imagination spilling and splashing from my pencils and brushes!


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